We’re adjusting our focus.

Brands that stand the test of time due to their hard work, honesty and consistency have captivated us for several years. These are the brands that we have sought to work with for some time.

As we’ve taken a closer look at these lasting “heritage brands” we noticed that many of them are related to food including seed companies, family farms, vineyards, food producers, butcher shops, restaurants, etc.

Our new focus is heritage food brands.

We’re making this change for the following reasons:

  • We enjoy cooking and sharing quality food with good company around the table.
  • Good food never goes out of style — people gotta eat!
  • Being a farmer or restaurateur is hard, time-consuming work, not to mention all of the additional business tasks that also need to be completed. Our goal is to help alleviate some of this burden by guiding these businesses through the design, communication, and brand strategy that is ever-so-important to the growth of their companies.
  • We have an overall appreciation for the values that heritage food brands tend to embody.


So in an effort to better serve our new market, the content we create will become a resource for farms, food markets, and restaurants.

Please note that we will continue to serve our existing clients including businesses outside of the food industry.

The uncertainty of these unusual times underscores the need for our country to return to a greater appreciation of food that is quality, locally grown and life-sustaining. The current global crisis is also giving us confidence that the thoughts and plans we’ve been making for months are a good and necessary path.

We plan to play a significant role in what we hope will be a seismic shift in consumer’s thinking and appreciation of food moving forward.

We wish you clarity of mind and courage of heart amidst this pandemic turmoil.


The Bryant Bros.

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