7 Questions for 2019

The close of a year and dawn of a fresh calendar is an excellent time to reflect upon the health of your brand. It’s time to consider 2018 and forge plans for 2019. 

We’ve crafted the list of questions below as a special gift to you! Our hope is that you will use this list to hone and grow your brand in the coming New Year.

Ask yourself…

  1. How can we dream bigger this year?

  2. What needs pruned from our brand to help it be more productive and profitable?

  3. How can we expand and capitalize upon our successes in 2018? What can be learned and applied from this year’s struggles or failures?

  4. Where do we need to sow today to prepare for the future harvest we need?

  5. What do we need to do or be in order to make our brand more consistent?

  6. What relationships need to be cultivated or nurtured?

  7. What new needs or desires do we anticipate our customers will have this year and how can we proactively address these changes?

We encourage you to schedule time to gather with key members of your team to consider and answer these questions. And as always, we’re here to help you build and grow your brand!

Cheers to your brand’s success in 2019,

The Bryant Bros.

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