Visual depth perception and also the awareness of dimension relies upon a principle called parallax. 

Simply put, parallax is the observation of a single object from slightly offset vantage points. Your eyes are spaced apart so that they naturally provide you with the visual information you need to understand dimension and depth (or distance). To see this, try holding your head still, looking at an object and then alternately closing one eye and while keeping the other open, then switching eyes. When you try this exercise, you’ll see the image “jump” a bit from right to left. Those slightly distinct vantage points form the parallax you need to absorb more information about the world around you.

Part of why we enjoy working together as brothers is because we both have a unique vantage point and personal experience that informs our creative process and the final solution. As we listen, observe, work and think together we can “see” more than we could individually. You know the old saying “two sets of eyes are better than one,” right? We’re convinced that two perspectives provide a more effective view!

Often times businesses, organizations and brands have a difficult time seeing their strengths, challenges or barriers with the proper perspective. Without parallax, opportunities or detrimental weaknesses can potentially be hidden in a blindspot. That’s why we believe it’s important for brands to find and stand beside partners that can provide that slightly offset, second perspective that yields better perception and dimensionality about the value they provide, the marketplace, or their competitors.

What friends, partners or brand advocates stand beside you to provide parallax?

As always, please feel to reach out with your questions or thoughts!

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