What is a heritage food brand?

For generations farmers have been growing and harvesting the food that bakers, vintners, and entrepreneurs (like David Tran, founder of Sriracha) use to make food and beverages. Next, whether it be doughnuts, fresh vegetables, wine, meat or granola, these food products are packed and usually distributed through grocers, retailers and farmer’s markets. Eventually, whether in a restaurant or a home, the food that is produced, picked, packed and delivered ends up on a table near you.

Heritage food brands are the lasting and respectful companies that touch and genuinely improve your food along it’s journey from the farmer’s field to your table.

We’ve found that heritage food brands are often family owned, multi-generational and of course delicious — after all, food that isn’t tasty rarely stands the test of time!

Heritage Food Brands are:

  • Lasting: Honesty, quality, great taste, and consistency usually lead to longevity
  • Traditional, yet Innovative-Minded: They respect and honor good history, while still appreciating and seeking growth
  • Respectful: True heritage brands conduct themselves in ways that respect other individuals, other businesses and our shared soil, water, and air

Heritage Food Brand Values:

  • Legacy
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Honor
  • Trust
  • Consistency