The Refinery

This blog is our workspace — a place where we will separate branding myths from nuggets of truth that you can use to help your brand shine like pure gold. We invite you in, to join us in the quest for a well refined brand!

Bryant Bros Blog #9

We’re adjusting our focus.

Brands that stand the test of time due to their hard work, honesty and consistency have captivated us for several years. These are the brands that we have sought to work with for some time.

As we’ve taken a closer look at these lasting “heritage brands” we noticed that many of them are related to food including…

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Buying Choices

A buying option that you are regularly confronted with is “Repair or replace?” Generally speaking, the easier and sexier choice is to replace, while…

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7 Questions for 2019

The close of a year and dawn of a fresh calendar is an excellent time to reflect upon the health of your brand. It’s time to consider 2018 and forge plans for 2019. 

We’ve crafted the list of questions below as a special gift to you! Our hope is that you will use this list to…

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Often times businesses, organizations and brands have a difficult time seeing their strengths, challenges or barriers with the proper perspective. Without parallax, opportunities or detrimental weaknesses can…

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Active Encouragement

Negativity and criticism are too prevalent today.

Beyond the often discouraging environment that we live in, it’s just plain difficult to build a business, grow a brand or run a non-profit. Budgets are tight, competition is fierce and the miser syndrome (“Give me more for less. RIGHT NOW.”) seems to be…

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Investing Heart

Genuine passion shines through in products and services.

Skill and talent are valuable and should be honed, but a technically perfect, but uninspired, musical performance isn’t going to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Shouldn’t an artist’s passion show…

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Heritage Matters

Regular exposure to quick serve restaurants, next-day shipping and current technology naturally fosters an ever-increasing appetite for instant results. The truth is…

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Honesty Wins

Superior brands tell the truth. Communication is a fundamental part of developing and/or growing your brand, so it can be tempting to…

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