Heritage Matters

The typical American consumer values speed. 

Regular exposure to quick serve restaurants, next-day shipping and current technology naturally fosters an ever-increasing appetite for instant results.

The truth is, new isn’t always better. If you think longevity and heritage are outdated, think again! These qualities still matter. In fact, in the face of ever-increasing competition, a legacy that is formed through endurance may be more important now than ever.

Generally speaking, brands continue existing and growing because they are are doing something right. Brands that are valuable, useful, pleasant, and/or helpful are more likely to withstand market changes and the test of time because they have built good will and are appreciated by loyal supporters.

Because we value heritage, we regularly look for ways to retain existing brand elements and qualities that still communicate well. We’re just fine with being known as ‘the branding guys who recommend keeping and enhancing existing pieces.’

To be clear, we’re not talking about merely continuing to exist, we’re promoting continuity coupled with the intent to continue building and growing. Said another way, fresh thinking and improvement are often necessary to survive and thrive, but as the adage goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Positive history and a beneficial heritage greatly matter to us, and we submit that you should value these qualities too. After all, you’re either currently creating what will become your brand’s past or you’re building upon an existing (and hopefully solid) foundation! 

What are you doing today to grow your brand and to add to your brand’s heritage?

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