Honesty Wins

Superior brands tell the truth.

Communication is a fundamental part of developing and/or growing your brand, so it can be tempting to embellish or even exaggerate the truth about who you are, the benefits of your product or service or what makes your brand unique. Those who mix fiction into their brand communication create an explosive cocktail.

It is true that those who paint their brand in a false, but favorable light may enjoy a temporary bump in sales or commitments, but inflated expectations or promises based upon unrealistic (or even dishonest) communication create lasting challenges.

In contrast, brands that promote truth and transparency should expect to gain advocates that trust their brand. Trust leads to loyalty, longevity and repeated sales!

Honestly, truth can be undesirable and even unpleasant, but it ALWAYS yields the best long-term results. Besides, honest brands also get the added benefits of a clear conscience and the satisfaction of knowing they are building the right way.

We believe in honesty so much, that it’s our first brand value.

We encourage you to always sow the seeds of truth!

P.S. What are some of your favorite honest brands?

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